A promise of hope

A unique creation – An architecture of pearls endowed with infinite sparkles

Our vision

Promote our know-how by developing an exceptional creation with a unique design, combining talent, beauty and creativity

Our mission

Value our customers, pursue excellence in the quality of our products and let the passion for creation be our guide

Our values

Respect and quality are the motto of our project, which we strive to maintain throughout the manufacturing process

From India to Switzerland

The story of KIARON

KIARON – Growing into eternity

Once upon a time, in a distant land at the foot of the Himalayas, there was a child lulled by the tales of her father and wrapped in the gentleness of her mother, in the midst of fabrics of shimmering colors and spices revealing the enticing scents of Asia. Her mother, of singular beauty, passed away too soon. Thereafter, her older brother had to fulfill the promise made to their father. Heavy-hearted, six-year-old Sabitry and her two little sisters were sent on a long journey. They were taken from the lush green landscapes of India to the snowy mountains of Switzerland. The girls were adopted within a same family, so as not to be separated. Their father's last wish had been respected.

A world of precision, associated with a passion for art and detail, naturally led Sabitry to train in the cradle of Swiss watchmaking. Her curiosity drove her to specialize in high complication watches. The convergence of horizons became Sabitry's source of inspiration.

The journey was not easy, but Sabitry never believed in luck. For her, life is a gift, a challenge, a capacity that enables one to welcome the most difficult events and turn them into opportunities. Her whole existence is imbued with her two cultures and stamped with the imprints left by those who have sown treasures on her path.

A long time ago, a seed blossomed deep in her heart and never stopped growing. The vibration of something from another world. Images from the past, forgotten sensations, a vision where dreams and realities blend.

Sabitry was pursued by the desire to give substance to this whirlwind of memories, shades of light, and spicy scents, this architecture of precious stones and eternal colors.

Her dream became a project: KIARON was born.

The designer signs her luxury brand with the Ginkgo Biloba, a majestic tree displaying golden leaves in autumn, a symbol of strength, peace and eternity.

Each piece of jewellery carries in its soul the foretaste of an immortal destiny, symbolized by the beauty and the purity of a set of pearls endowed with infinite sparkles.

Tahitian pearls

Tuamotu Archipelago – The cradle of pearl farms

The volcanic islands of fine sand provide the ocean with essential nutrients for cultivating Tahitian pearls. The combination of pearl farmers’ passion and the lagoon’s majestic water provide Tahitian pearls with their unique and glorious colors.

KIARON – The team

Young and dynamic, KIARON has an experienced operational team rich in multiple cultures. The brand, which is inspired by oriental art, aims to promote a particular know-how, by creating quality jewelry with an innovative design.

Sabitry Larive Montandon
Artist & Creator

Before discovering a passion for art and design, Sabitry Larive Montandon began her professional career in the medical field. She then trained in watchmaking which led her to specialize in high complication movements. Today, she combines her different talents by creating exceptional jewelry.

Alix Bingle
Marketing & Communication

Alix Bingle worked for several years doing marketing and communication in the watchmaking industry. The discovery of India during a work experience in the hotel sector led her to return there several times and awakened in her the desire to develop projects related to vocational training.

Annie Golay Bergerot
Technical & Logistics

Following her training as a jeweler at the Vallée de Joux technical school, Annie Golay Bergerot worked in the sales sector of luxury products and developed a particular interest for supporting start-ups. Her unique background enables her today to effectively transmit her rich and long experience in this field.